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Anger and Disease: the Connection and Remedies

There is no denying that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. What impacts one affects all others. While the general public has become more health conscious in terms of eating healthier, dropping those unnecessary pounds, and exercising more, what often gets overlooked – that continues to impact our health – are our emotional issues and beliefs.

Let me begin by clarifying exactly who we are. We are God’s creations, His sacred children, created in His image and likeness. But how exactly does that define me? God is Love, pure and simple. In that regard, I am Love as well for I am created from Him and can only be that which I originate from. Therefore, I am love. I am not my issues or behaviors. I am not selfish, rude, arrogant, afraid, bad and so on. Behaviors reflect my brokenness; they are a reflection of my unhealed issues. If I was criticized as a child, I may become defensive of any discord. But my defensiveness is not who I am; it merely reveals that I am fearful of disparagement whether I recognize its origins or not. The key to restoration is to be aware of those tapes that repeatedly play in my mind, reminding me of how bad I felt about myself 20, 30, or even 40 years ago. My willingness and ability to identify and begin healing my emotional baggage translates into my physical well-being as well.

World-renowned medical doctor and NY Times bestselling author, Dr. Bernie Siegel, says: “One’s life and one’s health are inseparable. Genes do not make the decisions; our internal environment does. If you internalize anger it destroys you. Self-induced healing is not an accident.” Emotions commonly viewed as negative can prove destructive to the human body. Stress, the number one killer, is an emotion rooted in our thought process, as are all feelings. One who feels the need to succeed or to conform to the ways and beliefs of others will produce feelings of anxiety and fear. The body is the messenger of the mind and emotions not rooted in love wreak havoc on our health. Therefore what is occurring in the physical self reveals what needs to be addressed in the inner (sub) conscious mind.

In his NY Times bestselling book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton reveals how our bodies change on a cellular level due to our beliefs and thoughts. Disease indicates that our body, mind, and spirit are not working in perfect harmony with one another, thus creating a state of dis-ease. In order to improve our physical health, one must first address their emotional and spiritual issues and beliefs. Healing anger, forgiving those who have wronged us, overcoming limiting beliefs of fear, learning to love freely and without restrictions (including ourselves), removing prejudice and the need for revenge: when we are able to accomplish the healing of our emotional self, the body will naturally follow suit.

But how can one heal their past issues if in fact they are not clear about precisely what they are? Perhaps a child lost their father at an early age and is now distrusting of men. She may not see the connection nor does she necessarily need to. She is in essence prejudging all men as untrustworthy. Recognizing that this is what she is doing enables her to make the decision to see each man from an individual perspective, being more receptive to getting to know them before making a determination about their character. One can apply this technique to every aspect of their lives: look at what beliefs or behaviors are causing distress in your life, interfering with your relationships, holding you back from achieving success or being happy. If you are able to get to the root of each and change it, that’s wonderful. If you are unable to identify their origin, simply choose to love yourself enough to forgive anyone involved in creating the original incident, ask God to help you let go of the past, and focus your energy on being more loving to yourself and others. And in doing so, in being authentic and true to your higher self which is love, you can rise above any prior events or beliefs and heal your body and your life.

Thank you to my guest, Teresa W. Leming, Light Worker & Spiritual Muse

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Meet Mexico’s First Lady of Tequila- May 4-The Connected Table LIVE

Bertha Gonzales Nieves

Bertha Gonzales Nieves of Casa Dragones

She’s called “The First Lady of Tequila” and is the first female “Maestra Tequila” certified by the Academia Mexicana de Catadores de Tequila. And she makes a pretty amazing tequila called Casa Dragones.

After years building the Cuervo brand globally, Bertha Gonzáles Nieves stepped out in 2009 to create her own style of tequila to rave reviews. Casa Dragones is an ultra premium, 100% Blue Agave, hand -crafted sipping tequila that’s smooth, soft and warm with no bite – the way a good tequila should taste. From the sea blue blue packaging and perfume bottle design to the platinum-hued liquid inside, everything about Casa Dragones speaks luxury. This is a sipping spirit to lift the spirits and savor slowly.


Casa Dragones Joven

So what is Casa Dragones Tequila? Well, it’s a game changer – and part of a growing category of bottlings that are taking the art of crafting tequila, long thought of as a delicious and complex but somewhat pedestrian spirit, to new levels of refinement and elegance through the use of different techniques in distillation, aging and blending. With Casa Dragones, think Cognac with Tequila flavor, but without the burn, or in this case, the color.

First, Casa Dragones is not your old method Tahona wheel/wood-fired Still traditional type of tequila. It is a double column distilled sipper that is clean, ripe with florals and fruit in the nose, and subtle on the palate.

BGN-agave2_b+w_540 (1)

Bertha Gonzales Nieves

Second, unlike the traditional styles of Tequila – Blanco (or Silver), Reposado, and Anejo – Casa Dragones makes what’s called a Joven Tequila, a blended tequila that is primarily Silver, but with other, more aged lots – in this case a bit of 5 year-old Extra Anejo (the recently added fourth main category) blended-in to add complexity and smoothness. In the case of the Casa Dragones Joven, the color is removed from the Extra Anejo portion to keep the final spirit clear.

With the proliferation of Tequila labels on the market these days, many of which are billed as traditional and with a classic Tequila style. Casa Dragones stands out for being exactly not that. It is not a rough, hot, meaty spirit that feels like it was made in a hand-made still in the barn behind the hacienda, but a soft, smooth, elegant spirit with a lightness and level of refinement that liken it more to the sipping equivalent of drinking silk than wool.


Co-Founders Bob Pittman and Bertha Gonzales Nieves

Casa Dragones Co-Founder Bertha Gonzáles Nieves joins us on The Connected Table LIVE! this Wednesday May 4, 2016 for a chat about Casa Dragones, and her views on Tequila and the state of the Tequila industry. Listen in at 2:25pm on W4CY Radio. Podcasts for this show will be available on iHeart. com and the free iHeart App. Click here.

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